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Digital Speed Limiter

Monitor Your Entire Mobile Workforce —From Vehicles To Trucks To Equipment To Drivers. Our 100% Government-Compliance Speed Limiter Solution Offers You The Opportunity To Manage Your Fleet From The Comfort of your Home or Office.

Key Features

    • Enforce A Speed Limit Of 80 Km/Hr
    • Alert At 5% Below The Max Set Speed Limit
    • Data That is Un-Erasable For 72 Hours

Fleet Management Solution

Monitor Your Entire Mobile Workforce —From Vehicles To Trucks To Equipment To Drivers.

Key Features

  • Improved Driver Performance
  • Reduced Overtime
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Fuel Monitoring Solution Leader For Over 17 Years!

Track And Trace Fuel Theft Monitoring Will Accurately Capture Any Siphoning Of Fuel From Your Vehicles. The Reports Are Available For Export In Your Preferred Document Format For further Analysis.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Fuel Consumption
  • Real-Time Tank Fuel Level
  • Real-Time Fuel Drain Alert

Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Real-Time Tracking Of Goods Moving Through Different Territories. Either Privately Or Through Government Compliance.

Our Electronic Cargo Tracking System Offers Real-Time Tracking To Keep Goods Moving And Maintain Their Integrity As They Travel Through Different Territories, Across Countries, And Customs-Controlled Areas.

Key Features

  • Government Compliant In Relation to Cargo Movement
  • Security And Safety With Movement Of Goods
  • Alerts Notification On Deviation Of Routes

Our services are innovative and affordable, with a 24 hours customer service and an in-house repossession and recovery team. We offer Wide coverage and free assistance on recovery in case of theft.