AI Powered Dashcam

Experience the future of dashcam technology with our AI-Powered Dashcam. With remote video surveillance and real-time vehicle status monitoring, you can keep an eye on your vehicle anytime, anywhere. The dashcam proactively captures screenshots of any vehicle damage, ensuring you have evidence to mitigate paying for damages that are not the driver's fault. Conveniently access video files on the memory card remotely, enabling fast retrieval and review.

The dashcam monitors driver behavior, promoting safer roads, lowering insurance premiums, and identifying areas for driver training and empowerment. Fleet management becomes effortless with easy monitoring, coaching, and managing the working hours of drivers. Confidently address driver complaints with concrete evidence. Upgrade to our AI-Powered Dashcam for enhanced security, safety, and efficiency on the road.

Key Features

  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Monitor vehicle status in real time anytime, anywhere.
  • Vehicle damage can be proactively taken screenshots.
  • Convenient and fast to remotely access the video files on the memory card.
  • Mitigate paying for damage that is not drivers’ fault.
  • Monitor driver behavior while on duty
  • Lower insurance premium cost fortuned from vehicle accident.
  • Stop reckless driving
  • Helps identity training and empowering areas of the driver.
  • Monitoring and coaching drivers becomes easy.
  • Manage working hours of your drivers.
  • Helps confirm if the drivers complain are legal

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