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Research has shown the highest percentage of any fleets total operating expenses go towards fuel. Get a return on your investment with our fleet fuel management system, cut down on engine idling, bad driving and fuel theft it will also help you identify vehicles that need repairs and drivers who need more training. With Track n Trace 's fuel reporting system, you can:

Managing the location of your vehicles is easy with our fleet system.
Our system provides peace of mind with your vehicles by letting you know real time location of all your vehicles.
Online system map shows vehicles’ locations and whether the ignition is on or off. Satellite and hybrid maps give fleet managers the ability to observe vehicles which provides an accurate and realistic depiction of a vehicle’s location

Recover Stolen Vehicles
Peace of mind with our vehicle tracking system. We offer one of the most effective, highly rated stolen vehicle recovery products on the market.

  • Online Tracking
  • Global Coverage
  • Driver Protection

  • Fuel Usage and KPH Report - monitor fuel used by each vehicle; reconcile fuel consumed against Kms driven.
  • Speed Violations Report - improve safety and lower insurance costs by monitoring speed violations; create and enforce a speed policy to promote driver safety.

Our fuel on Transit system makes use of special fuel level sensors with a digital communication interface, to ensure your fuel tank content is always within your control. We believe that securing the supply chain through the securing of Tankers during transit could help to lower costs for consumers through the reduction of millions of shillings that are lost to siphoning.