NTSA-Approved Speed Governor


A speed governor is an electronic device used to control the speed of an engine based on the load requirements. They limit the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine or protect the engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed. It also records, stores, and transmits vehicle and speed data onboard and on remote servers.


To fit a speed limiter, you need to know about vehicle electric systems. Track n Trace offers training to people who want to know how to use speed limiters. The government of Kenya requires all public service vehicles (PSVs) and commercial vehicles to be fitted with speed limits.


So why do you need speed governors?

For fleet management to be effective and efficient, to drive better business. We need to ensure the safety of vehicles and drivers, as well as drive better business. It is crucial to manage all private and commercial vehicles well. So that individuals and organizations can mitigate risks, optimize assets and ensure safety. This is where our NTSA-approved speed governors come into play in fleet management.


Fleet managers should not underestimate the benefits of speed governors in fleet management. Speed governors and tracking devices are the ultimate devices to ensure efficient fleet management. Speed governors play a vital role in the safety of the driver and the fleet.

Reduces Accident

Over speeding is a major cause of accidents. Many countries have realized that if they can control speeding, they can reduce road accidents. Fleet managers are not different. Fleet managers must ensure that all vehicles have quality speed governors installed to control speeding.


Speed governors control and restrict drivers from going beyond the required speed limit. Once installed, they regulate the speed of the vehicle. That means the driver doesn’t have to look at the speedometer often while driving. Drivers can focus on their driving, while the speed governors ensure they stay within their driving speed limit.

 Improves vehicle health.

They prevent excessive braking, vibration, and strain on vehicle engines. Since drivers drive within the required speed limit, it goes a long way to improving the health of the vehicle and increasing its life span. Irregular driving speed affects the consumption of fuel. By controlling the speed limit and driving at the required speed limit, fuel is saved, and that will improve the fuel economy of fleet managers for all vehicles.


By installing our quality NTSA-approved speed governors in your fleets and ensuring they are not tampered with, you as a manager can ensure the safety of your drivers.


Additionally, our vehicle tracking system allows you to track your fleet at any time and anywhere. This system comes with features such as real-time location reports, mileage reports, SOS panic buttons, speed reports, custom alerts such as vehicle speeding alerts, and idle time reports, among other features.


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