Electronic Cargo Tracking System


They say failing to plan is planning to fail. Well, running a logistics company without an electronic cargo tracking system is simply a means to the end of your business. Cargo theft while in transit is a common occurrence in the logistics industry. The loss of valuable goods results in a larger loss for the company. The majority of business costs are incurred as a result of thefts and tampering that occur while vehicles are in transit. Companies with frequent movement and dense supply chain networks find it difficult to keep track of vehicle movement and location. With a cargo tracking system (ECTS), you can run your business with zero stress. In the event of theft or tampering with goods, you can retrieve data and see the vehicle’s journey.  
Licensed approved Electronic Cargo Tracking System
According to KRA, an electronic cargo tracking system (ECTS) is a technology solution that enables real-time tracking of cargo from the point of loading to the point of discharge or offloading. Customs officials and organizations in the logistics chain monitor the movement of vehicles and cargo during transport from origin to destination using information and communication technology, satellite positioning systems, and high-security seals. Track ‘n’ Trace provides an Electronic Cargo Tracking System licensed by KRA. The system is a combination of superior tracking technology that includes: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): used to search, identify, track and communicate the whereabouts of a truck or trailer. Use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and General Packet Radio System (GPRS) to track your cargo container anywhere in the world.
So how does ECTS benefit you as a business person?
Our tracking system tracks multiple containers, manages their storage, and coordinates the transport process. Therefore, you get real-time alerts of any suspicious movements during the trip, such as an unauthorized lock opening, a break-in attempt, and time spent idle.   Ensure your business runs smoothly, with no blind spots. Call us today at 0709 392 000 or 0711 333 555 to talk to our agents and get your fleet fitted with our electronic cargo tracking system.

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