Fuel Theft: How To Do Away With It

Globally, almost $133 billion is lost due to fuel theft. Fuel theft can happen in different ways: fuel theft at the fuel station through collaboration between drivers and attendants, or through siphoning of fuel from your tank.

Common areas where fuel theft happens in Kenya

It’s well known that when fuel prices increase, fuel theft also increases. These thieves mostly target large vehicles with large fuel tanks. According to a survey, the most affected parts of the truck and tanker routes are the coastal regions, specifically Mariakani, Taru, Mackinnon, and Voi. Masimba, Kibwezi, Salama, Sultan Hamud, and Emali in the Eastern Region, and Mai Mahiu and Kericho in the Rift Valley region. Other notorious areas can be found in Kisumu and Busia districts.

Well, how does fuel siphoning happen?

Fuel theft is a script well known in the fleet industry. The cargo driver deviates from the assigned route to where his crew awaits him. They tamper with seals on the cargo tank from which fuel is siphoned. After that, the driver returns to his assigned route and fakes a minor accident, reporting that the seal broke and spilled fuel. Furthermore, how can you tell if this is true or not without a fuel monitoring system? Do you see how risky this is for your business? Just do the math of the losses you incur. This is why you need a fuel monitoring system.

What does our fuel monitor do for you?

Our fuel management system gives you real-time tracking via our web system. You can track fuel consumption reports in real-time, as well as get reports on refueling geographical locations and the amount used to refuel. Furthermore, you will get an indication of unusual behavior in fuel level drops and rises, which suggests an unusual variation in fuel level and suggests a need for further investigation. In addition to that, our fuel management package gives you an alarm system. You get notified when your vehicle is moving, parked, idling, accelerating, when the door is illegally opened, or when the vehicle is switched off. Additionally, another benefit that comes with our fuel management system is that you can disable or enable the engine remotely. Set up SMS configuration and communication. You will also be able to re-upload the location data if the GSM signal is weak. Moreover, you can see the mileage of your vehicles and their historical playbacks. Most importantly, it guarantees accountability.  
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